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Nusano Announces In-House Stable Isotope Program Led by Renowned Physicist Sarko Cherekdjian

VALENCIA, Calif. and WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – May 11, 2023 – Nusano, Inc., a company reshaping the production of cancer-fighting radioisotopes, today announced it is creating an in-house stable isotope program to enhance the company’s medical radioisotope production capabilities and decrease dependence on foreign supply chains.

“Enriched, stable isotopes are foundational material for manufacturing the next generation of advanced healthcare diagnostics and therapeutics,” said Chris Lowe, CEO of Nusano. “At present, most of these starting materials have uncertain, geopolitically stressed supply chains. Creating a stable isotope enrichment program within Nusano allows us to better control our source material and deliver increased reliability to our customers. Our commitment is to enable a robust supply chain and broader early-stage development of radiopharmaceuticals.”

The Nusano stable isotope team will be led by applied physics veteran and pioneer Sarko Cherekdjian, PhD who has decades of industry experience developing advanced ion technologies. Cherekdjian trained at the University of Surrey, the United Kingdom’s center of excellence for ion beam accelerator research and is the author of more than 30 scientific papers on particle acceleration and ion beams.

“Nusano has assembled the talent and technologies necessary to provide the first meaningful increase in domestic radioisotope production in decades,” said Cherekdjian. “This will allow our customers unprecedented flexibility to create new diagnostics and therapeutics based on what is possible scientifically, versus being limited to what radioisotopes are available. This is an inflection point in our industry and good sign of things to come in cancer care.”

Nusano’s stable isotope program and proprietary production platform will combine to allow the company to produce upwards of 40 unique isotopes, all without using uranium or radium for source materials. The company’s first production facility is under construction in West Valley City, Utah and on track to open in the first quarter of 2025.

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About Isotopes
Isotopes are atoms of a stable element containing different number of neutrons. Through physical processes, these isotopes can be enriched. Enriched stable isotopes when bombarded with energy, gain or lose neutrons generating a new desired isotope that is radioactive. In this way, stable isotopes act as the source material for producing many of the radioisotopes needed for advanced healthcare diagnostics, treatments, and drug research.

About Nusano, Inc.
Nusano is a privately held medical technology company committed to bringing stability and innovation to the rapidly emerging and critically undersupplied medical radioisotopes market. Nusano’s proprietary ion source is smaller and more efficient than existing production methods. This results in significantly greater yields and allows for the simultaneous manufacturing of multiple radioisotopes. Nusano’s technologies will supply the fight against cancer and support diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical development. The company’s state-of-the-art production facility opens Q1 2025 in West Valley City, Utah. For more, please visit www.nusano.com 



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