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Nusano Names D. Scott Holbrook as Chairman of its Board

VALENCIA, Calif. – June 7, 2024 – Nusano, Inc., a physics company transforming the production of medical radioisotopes, today announced industry veteran D. Scott Holbrook as chairman of its board.

 Holbrook is the co-founder of Invivo Molecular Imaging, and currently serves as the general manager and chief strategy officer for Pharmalogic, a leading contract development and manufacturing organization specializing in novel diagnostic imaging and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancers. He has served on Nusano’s board since September 2022.

 Holbrook brings over 25 years of experience growing companies in biotech and radiopharmaceuticals to the role. His experience will be critical as Nusano begins commercialization and scale-up of its proprietary medical radioisotope production technologies.

 “Many highly promising cancer treatments in development are in desperate need of a reliable supply of medical radioisotopes,” said Holbrook. “Nusano’s proprietary technologies are poised to make many of these critical components available and abundant in ways no other production method can. It’s an honor to have this opportunity to lead the board and help advance an exciting new era in radiotherapeutics.”

 Chris Lowe, CEO of Nusano, commented, “Scott has been an invaluable member of our board and is a passionate advocate for patients. As our production capacity comes online, his strategic insights and experience will help ensure our customer needs are met in a timely and reliable manner.”

 Radioisotopes are essential components in the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) of a category of new and emerging cancer therapies, known as radiotherapeutics. Existing supply chains for these treatment-enabling resources are often strained, posing a risk to patient care, clinical trials, and ongoing drug development.

 Nusano is working to stabilize supply chains and enable innovation by bringing new sources of radioisotopes to commercial markets. The company expects to begin producing and delivering commercial-scale quantities of lutetium-177 in Q1 2025 and actinium-225 in the second half of 2025. Nusano’s first-of-its-kind production facility opens Q1 2025 in West Valley City, Utah. At full scale it will be capable of producing more than 25 radioisotopes of interest to medicine, and the simultaneous production of up to 12 different radioisotopes.

In addition to his roles at Nusano and PharmaLogic, Holbrook serves as an adjunct professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of Utah, and on the board of Ratio Therapeutics. He holds a Master of Science in Molecular Imaging and Therapy from Regis College and a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nuclear Medicine from Wheeling University.

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 About Nusano
Nusano is a privately held physics company committed to bringing stability and innovation to the rapidly emerging and critically undersupplied medical radioisotopes market. Nusano’s proprietary ion source is smaller and more efficient than existing production methods. This results in significantly greater yields and allows for the simultaneous manufacturing of multiple radioisotopes. Nusano’s technologies will supply the fight against cancer and support diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical development. The company’s state-of-the-art production facility opens Q1 2025 in West Valley City, Utah. For more, please visit




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