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Video Replay: Unlocking the Next $20-30B Market Opportunity in Oncology: Radioisotope Production & Applications

With many now expecting radiopharamaceuticals to grow into a $20-30 billion market, investors are increasingly looking at the obstacles and opportunities for suppliers and drugmakers in this space.

To advance these discussions, on Friday, May 12, 2023, Nusano and LifeSci Events brought together two leading experts in one virtual event to share their experiences and perspectives: Dr. Martin Pomper, Director of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, at Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Dr. Robert Atcher of the University of New Mexico.

Dr. Pomper shared his experiences and offered an overview of radioisotopes in the clinical settings, including what clinicians hope to see in future radiotherapeutics.

Dr. Atcher focused his remarks on the technical side of isotope production, and offered a technical assessment of several specific radioisotopes’ potential suitability in medicine.

A replay of both presentations is now available below.


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